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The yoga which destroys all sorrows, i.e. unties bondages, is successfully practised by him who is temperate in eating & recreation

Eating (habits) can be traced in as early as Vedic Yug; in Śāṇḍilya Upanishad and defined by an Indian yogi, Svātmārāma as Mitahara. Mitahara means ‘eating in moderation’ & is derived from sanskrit words : मिताहार i.e. a combination of मित - moderate + आहार - taking food (diet)
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We are what we eat

Food to us is vegetarian food production that are in sync with nature, compassionate, and respectful of other life forms as well as nature & culturally speaking & is purifying the mind & body.
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Experience world’s 1st Spiritual Farming Produce

Hard work and light food. This is the readily available medicine for any disease. Come & experience world’s 1st Spiritual Farming Produce by our heroes - Farmers
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Experience world’s 1st Spiritual Farming

Food impacts our mind body and soul. Come & experience world’s 1st Spiritual Farming Produce
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Vata, Pitta and Kapha are the three Doshas of the body. Perfect balance of three Doshas leads to health, imbalance in Tridosha leads to diseases.
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गुरौ न प्राप्यते यत्तन्नान्यत्रापि हि लभ्यते। गुरुप्रसादात् सर्वं तु प्राप्नोत्येव न संशयः
Whatever is not obtained from the Guru, cannot be obtained from elsewhere. With the grace of the Guru one indeed gets everything. Experience the most divine puja samagris with us.
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Mental wellness through Spiritual Literature

Knowledge gives humility, from humility, one attains character; From character, one acquires wealth; from wealth, good deeds (righteousness) follow and then happiness…
Come indulge in our mental wellness regimes through Spiritual Literature
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  • Right Food

    Right Food

    Yogic cum Ayurvedic food for all walks of life cherishing seasonal delicacies.
  • Right Lifestyle

    Right Lifestyle

    Satvik Lifestyle to us is a state of mind that indicates emotional and intellectual equilibrium and positive thinking.
  • Raise Local Talent

    Raise Local Talent

    Satvikta is the voice of our intuitive selves, the part of us that is innately connected to our deepest truth – Our Soil Our Farmers Our Artisans.

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Wellness through Spirituality

Be Satvik involves embracing a lifestyle that promotes mental and physical wellness through various practices, including the use of puja samagri, literature, and Ayurveda products. Regularly engaging in meditation, prayer, and spiritual readings from literature fosters inner peace, clarity, and positive thinking. Puja samagri, used in worship and rituals, aids in creating a serene environment and reducing stress levels. Additionally, incorporating Ayurveda products, such as herbal supplements and natural remedies, supports physical well-being by enhancing immunity, digestion, and overall health. Embracing these Satvik practices and products holistically contributes to a balanced and enriched life, fostering mental tranquility and physical vitality

Our Mission

Unleash Your Inner Harmony with Be Satvik!

Embrace the power of nature, cultivate deep connections, and elevate your spiritual journey.
Experience our sustainable practices, engage in unique experiences, and explore our vibrant marketplace.Step into a world of holistic well-being and rediscover your true self with Be Satvik!

Brand inspired by Guru's Vision

Live the Satvik way, embracing each letter of 'Be Satvik' for a life of holistic well-being.

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Our Inspiration

Be Satvik A Lifestyle Brand inspired from Guru's vision
Parampujya Gurumauli Ji
Parampujya Gurumauli Ji

Our Inspiration

Be Satvik A Lifestyle Brand inspired from Guru's vision
  • Aadarneey Chandrakant Dada
    Chandrakant Dada
  • Aadarneey Chandrakant Dada
    Nitinn Bhau
  • Aadarneey Aabasaheb

What Our Community Is Saying

Foremost, I was confused about which food or diet to jump for, but with Be Satvik, the whole process became hassle-free. I got my nutritious diet as per my Dosha which is just amazing.

Vinnay Shinde

Very much enlightened with the overall concept of Be Satvik. The food curated by the team is nutritious and healthy altogether. Thanks for the 'Be Satvik' invention!

Subhash Damle

Crafted with love

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